The Be126 Fire Pump Controllers from Bernini Design are designed to control and monitor 12 or 24 volt, diesel fire pump engines used in NFPA 20 or UNI-EN 12845 compliant fire fighting application. Be126 is among the most technically advanced diesel engine controllers available on the market today. Be126 features state-of-art multiprocessor structure providing embedded water pressure data logger capable of storing up to 31 days of data recording. Be126 interfaces with standard diesel engines or SAE J1939 compatible engines. The Be126 fire pump controller monitors, displays and records fire pump system information also. The Be126 diesel engine fire pump controller is designed to start the diesel engine automatically from water pressure control or non-automatically from manual electric control. Furthermore, this type of diesel engine fire pump controller maintains full charge on engine starting batteries, monitors engine and system condition, and initiates a weekly program test of the system. Be126 monitors analog or digital water pressure or water level transducers. Be126 is able to provide mathematical calculation over the pressure, providing MIN, MAX and AVG values. By enabling the Engine Protection Mode software you can use the Be126 controller on standard diesel engine pump water station. The Be126 controller features RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces that provide ASCII and MODBUS protocol. By using our TCP-IP server, you can connect the Be126 to the Internet.