diesel generator control system

Diesel generator control system

Bernini Design confirms its pole position in diesel generator control systems by introducing the, Patent Pending, multi-processor diesel engine control system Be124. It is about a compact electronic module that integrates more than 800 components and three micro controllers in a DIN 96 size enclosure. It features a multi functional 3-Phase protection relay, an earth fault protection system, a Data Logger, a Data Transient Recorder,  a generator controller, a multi-level Auto Start, a Key-Start module, a CANbus controller and an RS485 port that supportS the MODbus protocol.                                      OPEN THE BE124 TUTORIAL PAGE                    BE142 FRONT FASCIA                              ABOUT REMOTE MONITORING

Diesel generator control system inputs

This diesel generator control system features adjustable digital & analog inputs. You can use 3 inputs in analog/digital mode and 3 inputs in digital mode. For each input you can choose one of the many available options that include warning or shutdowns. You can choose the option N.O. or N.C. as well. For the analog inputs you can configure a six-point response curve. You can adapt any sensor in the range 0-1000 OHM. An embedded troubleshooting will allow you to monitor on-line the status of each input.             READ MORE ABOUT ADJUSTABLE INPUTS

Diesel generator control system outputs connection

In the drawing you will see the typical connection for the output relays. The diesel generator control system outputs are short circuit proof with a positive logic (PNP). You are required to use automotive relays in accordance to the battery voltage. We recommend that you use diodes in parallel with the relay coils. You are required to connect the other side of the coil to a solid battery minus.  A good practice it to use fuses to protect the relays.           READ MORE ABOUT ADJUSTABLE OUTPUTS

Diesel generator control system battery connection

You can connect a 12 or a 24V battery. This diesel generator control system can survive as much as half a second without VDC supply during crank.  You can connect the dashboard by using the terminal 15/54 via a protection fuse. Removing the battery supply will not affect the real time clock and will not affect the content of the memory. All data are stored in multiple non-volatile memory. A good battery connection is the secret of a long term reliability of a diesel generator control system.             READ MORE ABOUT BATTERY CONNECTION

Diesel generator control system CANbus & MODbus connection

This generator control system features an RS485 serial interface that supports the MODBUS protocol. You can download our free of charge software for control and monitoring. The embedded RS485 serial interface drives a twisted cable of about 1000 m. The BE124 features a CANBUS serial interface as well. You can connect a compatible SAEJ1939 ECU. The CANBUS port is isolated and protected by over voltages.                  READ MORE ABOUT SAEJ1939

Diesel generator control system starter motor connection

This is the basic arrangement for a simple diesel generator control system. You required to use a relay to drive an 'energized to run' FUEL SOLENOID' and a pilot relay to drive the starter motor. The Be124 diesel generator control system continuously monitors the W.L. terminal of the belt alternator in order to correctly terminate the crank. If necessary, you can set up programmable outputs for PRE-GLOW, CHOKE or GAS SOLENOID.            READ MORE ABOUT CRANK TERMINATION OF A DIESEL GENERATOR CONTROL SYSTEM