Diesel generator monitoring systems

Diesel Generator Monitoring Systems



Diesel Generator Monitoring Systems Overview

This page presents the diesel generator monitoring systems that will allow you an efficient control  & monitoring system via GSM-SMS, MODBUS & TCP-IP. In this image an example on how to connect the diesel generator to Internet. We provide a server to install on your diesel generator. You can configure the level of security.   Read more.....

GSM Diesel Generator Monitoring Systems

A GSM monitoring system consists of a generator controller [1] connected to a Be16 [2]. The Be16 module translates MOD-BUS data into SMS compatible data for the MODEM [3]. The MODEM must include a SIM card suitable for voice communication. Once the GSM line is active, by knowing the MODEM number, you can send SMS to control the generator, read instruments and so on.


MODBUS Diesel Generator Monitoring Systems


PURCHASE THE MODBUS USB CONVERTER                                 CONVETER USER MANUAL                                USB SOFTWARE DRIVER

MODBUS Diesel Generator Monitoring Systems

The direct MODBUS communication is the easiest way to control and monitor a diesel generator. Connect the MOD-BUS to USB converter to a Bexxx generator controller by using a twisted pair cable. A Bexxx controller (in the picture a Be124 generator controller) is able to drive a cable as long as 1000 meters. Then, connect a computer with USB interface. Run the Bexxx application software to connect the computer to the generator.  More.....