Engine Protection Module Be72

Cost effective engine protection module, it features a KEY START and a microprocessor based engine protection module. Ideal for small and medium size diesel engine, pump set or diesel engine-driven compressor. Rugged with Ingress Protection IP65. It works from -30°C up to +70°C.


Engine & Generator Protection Be1

Programmable engine protection module, it features a flexible AUTO START and microprocessor based engine protection module. Ideal for small and medium gas, gasoline and diesel engines for industrial applications. Rugged with Ingress Protection IP65.


Generator Controller Be124

Top level engine protection module, it features a KEY START + AUTO START  powered by two micro controllers. Ideal for any size any type of engine including SAE J1939 compatible engines. It include special features for high-level automation applications.



 You may wish to know, what is an Engine Protection Module and what does it do?

Taken as a unit, it encompasses an intelligent electronic controller, of any form, that integrates a belt Alternator Monitoring Module and an Engine Control & Monitoring Module. Engine Protection Modules must provide clear visual indication by means of LEDs and Displays for all supervised parameters and alarms of the engine. The Protection Module will constantly monitor critical operating parameters and take steps to protect the engine from progressive damage. The Protection Module will shut down the engine unless the Engine Protection Shutdown feature has been disabled. When an out-of-range condition occurs,the Bernini Design Protection Module may determine to de-rate or even shut down the engine. 

A chosen Bernini Design Engine Protection Module features a range of programmable settings (from a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 300) and is engineered to comply with  NFPA110 CAN/CSA-C282-M89 recommendations. Some of our genset controllers feature RS485 and CANBUS interfaces in order to communicate with engines equipped with ECUs  (Electronic Control Unit according to the SAE-1939 standard). Each user manual of a Bernini Design genset controller, illustrates the layout of the front panel of the controller. An Engine Protection Module should be capable of  interfacing with analogue sensors or switches for the OIL/°C/FUEL monitoring if the CAN BUS is not available and this is integrated by Bernini Design.
A Bernini Design Engine Protection Module operates reliably in a range of environments, from minus 30 up to 70 degree Celsius. In some situations LCD displays (Liquid Crystal Display) are not recommended at the extremes of this range. As a matter of fact it is quite difficult to obtain good readings below 15 degrees Celsius on an LCD Display. Ancillary functions of a Protection Module may include selected extra complex features like Generator Parallel and Synchronisation. 

The majority of the applications for an Engine Protection Module finds a convenient mounting place directly on the frame of a Diesel Generator. In this case the Engine Protection Module must be both rugged and vibration proof (all Bernini Design Engine Protection Modules satisfy this requirement). In some case the Engine Protection Modules are connected with a separation as much as several hundred meters from the generator itself. This is not an issue of concern since that all Bernini Design generator control systems feature a rugged RS485 serial interface, allowing you to drive a twisted cable length as distant as 1000 metres.


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