This menu contains key parameters that rule the way the Be126 works. To enter this menu, push the [OFF] button. Push the [MENU] button to open the Main Menu. Use [ ↑ ] or [ ↓ ] to navigate and select the [MISCELLANEOUS] menu. Push [→] to enter the menu.



[MISCELLANEOUS] menu content description




                            2 sec(*)




(*) 0 second – 59 minutes

The NFPA/EN mode ignores settings over 15 seconds. The Be126 will overwrite the parameter with 5 (seconds).


(**) 1 minute – 99 minutes

The [START DELAY] timer is programmable up to 59 minutes. It bypasses the inputs of low pressure (JF-4, JM-1) and water low level (JF-7). The timer triggers when you activate one or more inputs. Once the timer expires, if at least one input is still active, the Be126 initiates the start sequence (supposing the Be126 is in [AUTO] mode of operation).


The [STOP DELAY] timer does the opposite of [START DELAY] timer. It triggers when all three inputs returned to a normal conditioni. Once the timer expires, if all 3 inputs JF-4, JM-1 and JF-7 have returned to a normal condition, the Be126 initiates the stop sequence (supposing the Be126 is in [AUTO] mode of operation). If you want to disable the automatic stop, leave the

[STOP DELAY] timer in to [OFF] mode: once the engine started, the only way to stop it is the OFF mode of operation.



                           1 min (*)


                          OFF (**)


(*) 1 min - 99 minutes

(**) OFF or 1 min - 23 hours

The [TEST FAILURE] timer provides a time out for the drain output. It works in TEST mode of operation or when the scheduler is active. The Be126 activates the drain output JB-5. If the Be126 fails to detect a drop of pressure before expiring the [TEST FAILURE] timer, the Be126 shuts down the drain and trigger the [TEST FAILURE WARNING] alarm. The Be126 exits the [TEST] mode and enters the [AUTO] mode of operation.


The [RUN TIMEOUT] timer limits the running time of the engine. Supposing the Be126 in auto mode of operation, the Be126 will shut down the engine and trigger the [MAX RUN TIME SHUTDOWN] alarm. You are required to enter the [OFF] mode of operation to cancel the alarm.







The [DRAIN OUTPUT] option allows you to enable or disable the ‘DRAIN’ output JB-5. When ‘DRAIN’ output is enabled, the Be126 will trigger the engine start sequence when it will detect a reduction of the water pressure. When ‘DRAIN’ output is disabled, the Be126 start immediately the engine when you enter a [TEST ] mode of operation.


The [OUTPUT 1 OPTION] [ON LINE] option set the output 1 (terminal JC-1) to ON-LINE mode. This is used in UNI-EN12845 systems to transmit to a remote location that the Be126 controller is normally working. In case of failure of the controller, this output de-activates in a way to inform the operator that the controller is no loner properly working. In Engine Protection Mode application (not fire protection), you can set the option [PREGLOW] in case your engine features glow plugs. In the same way as above, you are required to connect a driver relay to the output JC-1.




                          FUEL ON

The [TEST MODE] parameter provides you two settings:

[FUEL ON]: it enables the fuel solenoid output (JC-8) when you activate the [TEST] mode of operation.

[FUEL OFF]: it disables the fuel solenoid output (JC-8) when you activate the [TEST] mode of operation. In this way you can test the efficiency of the batteries. In case of fire, this setting is always ignored.