Fire Pump Controller Restore Defaults

Fire Pump Controller Restore Defaults

To enter this menu, push the [OFF] button to enter the OFF mode of operation. Push the [MENU] button to open the Main Menu. Use [ ↑ ] or [ ↓ ] to navigate and select the [RESTORE DEFAULTS] menu. Push [→] to enter the menu.This command allows you to restore the factory settings.


Instructions for restoring the factory settings (Defaults)





[] YES          NO  [→]

HOLD LEFT          5SEC








A) - Push the [] pushbutton for at least 5 seconds to restore the factory programming; a countdown will appear on display before triggering the function.


B) - You can quit the procedure at any time by pushing [→]  (you exit the function).


C) - After writing the factory settings, the display confirms the operation via the message [RESTORE DEFAULTS DONE].


Note: we recommend that you remove the supply for a few seconds. After reconnecting the supply check the parameters. The programming of some parameters may be required according to your application.