Using the Be1 generator auto start kit you can make a cost-effective generator control panel. It is suitable for gas, gasoline, and diesel engines. It directly interfaces with a flywheel generator or standard belt-driven charger alternator as well. You can connect any kind of analog sensor to get Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature, and Fuel Level measurements. You can connect a magnetic pickup if necessary.

The Be1 generator auto start kit is a microcontroller-based enclosed in a 96x96mm metal box case. It features a high luminosity 4-digit display, 6 super-bright LEDs indicators and provides the basic mode of operation of a high-performance generator auto start module.
It shuts down the engine in case of alarms of the Engine and Generator. It features more than one hundred adjustable settings.  You can configure 4 inputs and  4 outputs to adapt the BE1 to your application. The display indicates measurements, hours count, and miscellaneous information.
The RS485 is embedded in the BE1-RS485 model. It supports the MODBUS protocol. By using our free of charge software you can monitor the Engine, control the Alarms, open the Event History, program the Module, and save the programming using a normal computer. For cost-effective applications, we offer the Be1-BASIC without a serial interface. A silicon gasket is provided in order to guarantee IP65 ingress protection in a wide operating range of temperatures.









The front panel of the Be1 generator auto start is extremely intuitive. Thanks to the double set of start-stop buttons, we guarantee the Be1 for at least 2 million start-stop operations. The Be1 is a user-friendly generator AUTO START MODULE. By adding only a few automotive relays you can make an auto-start panel a few times. Be1 interfaces with any kind of sensors: analog or digital.
You can use Be1 to refurbish the control panel of any style of engine: gas, gasoline, or diesel. In case you need to control the engine by remote, Be1 features a powerful serial interface that supports the MODBUS protocol. Software is provided free of charge.
Thanks to the high-quality silicone gasket the Be1 features IP65 ingress protection. The START/STOP pushbuttons are redundant, in this way you can expect a long life even in harsh environments.

Generator Auto Start Front Panel Be1

Be1 features an' avionics grade' display that will allow you full visibility of the instruments in between -30 up to 70-degree Celsius. In case of shuts down the Be1, in addition to alarm messages on the display turns on a red light in case of Engine Failure (Oil, Temperature..), Over Speed and Fail to Start


This generator auto start is the ideal choice when you have to make an auto-start module for a gasoline generator. It interfaces with the Flywheel generator in a way to provide a proper crank termination (see [5] connected to terminals '15' & '16'). You have two possibilities to stop the gasoline engine: STOP SOLENOID or FUEL SOLENOID. A STOP SOLENOID output is provided to energize the relay [4] connected to output '4'.

This output energizes when you want to stop the engine. The contact of the relay will close to ground the BI (ignition) terminal on the spark generator. You can easily find this terminal because it is normally connected to the STOP switch on the body of the gasoline generator.  In other words, the spark plug will no longer work; the engine will stop. You can adjust the time for STOP SOLENOID.

If you feel more comfortable using a FUEL SOLENOID, you can connect a relay to output [1]. The engine can run only when the FUEL SOLENOID output is active. We can say that this is an 'ENERGIZED TO RUN' output. The best solution is to use both: STOP SOLENOID & FUEL SOLENOID. The start circuit is quite similar to a diesel engine. You are required to connect the pilot driver to the output [2].

About crank termination, if you are not able to connect the flywheel generator do not worry about it. The generator auto-start has adjustable settings to terminate the crank from the Voltage & Frequency of the GENERATOR (see OEM manual). You can also connect a pickup to get an accurate reading of the rotational speed.

Also in this case do not worry about it. The Be1 is able to calculate the RPM from the alternator frequency.  You only have to set up the number of poles of the alternator. The connection for sensors, analog or digital, is indicated in the wiring diagram as well.

Installation Manual

Battery supply voltage: 5.5Vdc to 36Vdc. Supply current: 10 mA to 80mA.

Inputs: digital (switch) or analog (0-1000 OHM).

Dimensions: 96X96X 47(mm).  Panel Cut-out: 91mm X 91mm.

Ingress protection: IP65. Outputs: 300mA, NPN short circuit proof.

Operating temperature range: -30 deg C up to +70 deg C.

Humidity range: 5% up to 95% non-condensing.

Weight: 350 gr., Vibration: 40mm/sec.

Pick-up Input: Voltage input: 2 - 60Vac; 0-10KHz

Generator Monitoring: Operating up to 600Vac.

Accuracy: +/- 1,5%. Frequency: 20-70Hz



A) - Push one of the [ I ] push buttons until the display indicates the message [MAn] and all LEDs illuminate; release the button.
B) - Push one of the [ I ] push buttons until the engine starts. When the engine is running, the green LED 'START-ON' will illuminate.
C) - To stop the engine, push the [ O ] push button until the [StOP] message appears on the display.
If the engine has already stopped, it is possible to cancel the STOP sequence by pressing the [ O ] push button. Push [ O ] when the engine is not running if you want to shut down the panel.




Push the [AUTO] push button until the yellow LED 'AUTO' on the button will illuminate (*). The engine starts when you activate the input configured as 'Remote Start Input'. In the same way, the engine stops when you deactivate the 'Remote Start input'. In the AUTO mode of operation, the Be-1 will periodically test the engine if you properly programmed the scheduler or the so-called 'Periodic Auto Start'. During this test, the yellow LED AUTO will continue to blink.
Please note that Be1 stores, in a 'NON VOLATILE MEMORY', the AUTO mode of operation status. This means that in case you remove and re-apply the DC supply, the Be1 will automatically enter the AUTO mode of operation.
To exit the AUTO mode of operation, you can push the  [AUTO] push-button for a short time; the Be1 will enter the MANUAL mode of operation. You can directly push one of the [0] push buttons.  In this case, the Be1 will directly enter the OFF mode of operation.
Note(*): if the display blinks indicating the message [ALAr.], consult section 8.0 of the user manual. You are required to cancel the alarm in the first place before using the AUTO mode of operation.




The Be1 generator auto start kit features Shutdowns (the engine stops) and Warnings (the engine will continue to run). It informs you about an alarm via:
A) - a general indication of alarm by means of the message [ALAr.] on the display
B) - 4 configurable outputs with several options for each
C) - 4 LEDs indicating Oil pressure, Temperature, Fail to start, and Over-speed shutdown.
D) - coded display messages about warnings and shutdowns
E) - a [ACK] push button to silence the Horn
To browse the alarm memory push the [→] pushbutton. In order to display the details of the alarm, push the [ ? ] push button. To clear the alarm from the panel, remove the cause of the alarm and then press the [ O ] push button.




The generator auto start module automatically terminates the crank when the engine starts running. The Be1 provides an exciting current for the charger alternator.  When the engine is not running, the voltage of the terminal D+/WL is 0V (in your car, before starting the engine, the red 'DYNAMO LAMP' turns on).
Generator Auto Start Kit Belt Driven Alternator Monitoring
Generator Auto Start Kit Belt Driven Alternator Monitoring
As soon as the generator auto start controller
starts the engine, a voltage appears in the D+/WL terminal and when the engine runs normally, the voltage of the D+/WL terminal increases by up to 13-14 V (in your car, having one side of the lamp connected to the battery plus, the red 'DYNAMO LAMP' in the dashboard turns off ). The safest point to terminate the crank is in between 6V to 10V. In the case of a gasoline engine, the belt alternator is not normally available. In this case, you are required to connect the engine running detect circuit in a 'floating mode'.



This auto start kit features an Event History memory of the last 100 shut-downs. To read the contents of the Event History, follow the instructions:
A) – Remove the DC power supply (battery voltage)
B) – Push and hold the [?] pushbutton
C) – Apply the power supply (holding the [?] pushbutton)
D) – Release the [?] pushbutton when the display turns on
 E) – The display will indicate the last event via the message [E 01]. Push the [?] push button to display the name of the Event (see table 4.10 in the installation manual)
 F) – You can select [E 01] (the last event) up to [E100] (the oldest event)  using the [←] and [→] push buttons.
 G) – To display the code of the Event, push the [?] pushbutton (see table 4.10 in the installation manual).
It is not possible to cancel the Event History. You are required to cancel all memory (see instructions on the installation manual)



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