Navigating through the internet you will find some 'FAQ' about Generator Control Panels. The basic keywords are something like these: What is a ATS panel or what size generator to power a house? Other questions are about how much power does a house use or  how to connect a portable generator to a house. Bernini design has answer for  how to use generator to power a house an what is a AMF panel as well. We clarify, in these web pages, some of the common questions about generators. Bernini Design generator control panel manufacturers has professional solutions when you have to connect a generator to your electrical system.

Generator control panel manufacturers

Bernini Deisgn exclusive design

Bernini Design group of companies are European generator control panel manufacturers of AMF /ATS / AGS generator control panels. In this page an overview of our products together with all necessary information.  Bernini Design started designing generator control panels in 1986. In over 30 years of experience we manufactured over 100,000 automatic mains failure and automatic transfer switch units.  You can distinguish a Bernini Design panel by the following characteristics:



Does not matter if it is about industrial, commercial, telecom, or an airport application. Bernini Design generator control panel manufacturers provide state-of-art solutions and up-to-code installations.



AMF Controller General Specifications

Supply voltage: 5.5Vdc to 36Vdc, 50-150mA. Protection: internal 300mA thermal fuse.

Ingress Protection: IP65    Front panel frame: anti corrosion resin coated steel .

Operating temperature range: -30 deg C up to +70 deg C. Humidity range: 5% up to 95%.

Static outputs current characteristics:  300mA/100Vdc short circuit proof. Logic: negative.

Supply output for relays : 1A @ V battery minus 1Vdc (short circuit proof).

Mains and Generator voltage input: 70 Vac up to 600Vac.

Mains and Generator frequency input: 20 Hz up to 599Hz. Nominal Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz & 400Hz.

Measurement / Instruments: V - A -Hz - kVA - kVA - kVAr-  kW - PF- kWh - CCW/CW - Reverse Power

Measurement / Instruments:  RPM - BAR - Vdc - Adc - °C - °F - PSI - h - Delta - V altermator - Fuel %

Measurement / Instruments CANbus: according to SAEJ1939

Over voltage: 4KVac phase-neutral.    Measurement precision: +/- 1%. Input impedance: 2 Mega Ohm

Measurement method: 10 BIT resolution  / 12 BIT resolution True-RMS

Current transformer input size: 10/5Aac up to 9900/5Aac. Admissible permanent current: 7Aac

Measurement precision: +/- 1%. Internal resistance: 0.05 Ohm.     CT SIZE: 10/5 up to 2000/5

Measurement Calibration (ON-SITE) range: +/- 3%.      Precision: down to 0,2%


Generator Control Panel Specification

The panels provide total generator system integration including automatic remote starting/stopping & alarm and status message display. Auto, Manual, Test and Off mode of operation are provided in all models. The Bernini Design generator control panels meet and often exceed the following standard requirements:

>Nominal  Voltage 600V
>Nominal power 10-500kVA
> IEC61439-1-2-3-4-5-6-7  UL1640
>ISO8528 UL891 UL924 UL508A

The Bernini Design Control Panels are suitable for operation in ambient temperatures from -30 °C to +70 °C and altitudes t0 5000 meters. The Bernini Design Control Panels are designed for supplying power continuously to a constant electrical load for unlimited hours. Continuous Power (COP) in accordance with ISO 8528, ISO 3046, DIN 6271 & BS 5514.

Charger alternator monitoring operating voltage:  0Vdc - 36Vdc/3W.  Vdc reading accuracy: +/- 5%.

Clock system: 20MHz crystal.   Watch dog System: hardware.    Memory : redundant 128K EEPROM

Digital input open circuit voltage: battery voltage minus 2V.             Trigger level: < 2Vdc (max 15mA).

Engine sensor inputs:  0 up to 1500 OHM.      Engine sensor failure detect:  > 1800 OHM


Generator Control Panel Engine Protection Functions

The AMF controller provides

- Overspeed /Underspeed shut down

- Low oil pressure warning and shut down

- High coolant temperature warning and shut down

- High oil temperature warning and shut down

- Low coolant level warning and shut down

- Low coolant temperature warning

- High and low battery voltage warning

- Fail to start shut down

- Fail to stop shut down

- Oil Sensor failure indication

- Oil Sensor failure indication

- Oil Sensor failure indication

Generator Control Panel Alternator Protection  Functions

The AMF controller is able to provide:

 - Over current and short circuit shut down

- Over current warning and shut down

- Earth Fault shut down

- Generator Circuit Breaker Failure

- Over / under voltage shut down

- Over / under frequency shut down

- Overload  (KVA) warning 

- Reverse power shut down

- Minimum kW limit warning

- Phase sequence error

- Phase unbalance error

- Mains Circuit Breaker Failure

Generator Control Panel Miscellaneous Functions

- Off/Manual/Auto / Test Mode

- Manual run/stop switch

- Panel lamp test switch

- Emergency stop switch

- Exercise switch

- Alpha-numeric display with navigation push buttons

- Solid state LED indicators about alarms

- Remote control via MODBUS & GSM

- Data logging on faults

- 12 Adjustable timers

- Configurable  inputs / outputs 

- Configurable  Fuel Alarms

- Real Time Clock


Despite the fact that the power configuration and general arrangement are the same for all panels, the input/output lines of an AMF panel depends on the type of controller fitted on it. On the right, an AMF control panel  fitted with a BEK3 controller[1]. The panel controls the engine directly via the programmable input/outputs lines [4]. The AMF control panel interfaces with switches directly fitted on the frame of the generator [3]. The AMF control panel is connected to the alternator via power cable of suitable size. According to the mode of operation, the K3 controller drives the status of the internal power circuit breakers. The fronf fascia features all push buttons you need to control the system.




An ATS control panel  is a panel equipped with an ATS controller, an automatic battery charger, two changeover power switches, terminal blocks and ancillary equipment. An ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) controller is the ATS control panel core. It is able to control a generator that is connected to the  Mains in a standby configuration. In other words a system that is normally waiting for a failure of the Mains Power. A panel fitted with ATS controller manages, in a fully automatic way, the connection assignment of the LOAD to MAINS or GENERATOR. An ATS generator control panel works only with automatic generator. Versions equipped with BE242 ATS controller are available in the range 10 up to 200kVA. In this case the ATS controller takes care to control and monitor the generator even if it does not feature an auto start controller. This line of ATS panel is the best product for general purpose applications: commercial buildings, small factories and light industry.


Generator control panel wiring diagram for industrial application in the range 10-250kVA


The BeK3 is a 3-phase Automatic Mains Failure. It connects, via CANBUS, to engines with ECU (SAE-J1939) but it works also with standard engines if analog sensors or digital sensors are available.  The parameters, the alarms and operating functions are indicated by means of a wide graphic display.  Measurements including Vac, Aac, Vdc, kVA, kVar, kW, Energy, Pf, Hz, hour count, R.p.m., Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature, Battery Vdc (Engine) and Fuel Level. Bernini Design provides free of charge monitoring and control software program. The BeK3 provides MODBUS via RS485 and complies with NFPA-110 / NFPA-99 specifications.  You can connect the K3 to INTERNET via a ROUTER.  You can also control the panel from a remote location by using a GSM mobile phone or for distance lower than 1000 meters you can use a twisted cable via RS485.


Generator control panel wiring diagram for general purposes applications in the range 10-80kVA

The Be142 is 3-phase combined AMF & ATS controller. All parameters, alarms and operating functions are indicated by means of a high-luminosity 4-digit display. The AMF ATS controller Be142 interfaces with analogor digital sensors. It measures Vac, Aac, Vdc, Hz, hour count, R.p.m., Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature, Battery Vdc and Fuel Level. Software for remote monitoring is also provided free of charge. The Be142 provides MODBUS via RS485. By using our TCP-IP server you can monitor and control the Be142 via INTERNET. The optional module Be16 is provide for remote control by GSM. We provide technical support and proper equipment in case you want to make your own AMF Control Panels.


Generator control panel wiring diagram for general telecom applications in the range 10-80kVA

 Trust Bernini Design Generator Control Panel Manufactures, we can provide AMF controllers according to your requirements: Industrial, Commercial, Telecom or Aircraft Support Equipment. Standard production includes generator control panels in the range 10-2000KVA  with single/3Phase with/without Neutral. These Generator Control Panels include automatic battery chargers and electronic circuit boards complete with power relays that interface directly with the engine. You can connect an engine with / without ECU.  The size of the circuit breakers capacity and wires defines the required Power rating of the panel.  An RS485 serial interface is provided for easy remote control and monitoring via the MODBUS. As an option, we can supply a MODEM for SMS monitoring or a TCP-IP converter for INTERNET connection. The AMF ATS Control Panel is manufactured of steel and coated with industrial grade high-performance paint.


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