The Be124 Centurion

State-od-Art Generator Control System

Genset Controller +  Auto Start + 3-Phase Protection Relay + Engine Controller + Data Logger + Oscilloscope + Canbus SAEJ1939 + RS485 + Modbus + Battery Charge Auto Start

Despite the fact that the Be124 controller looks like a simple key start module, the Be124 is one of the most high-tech product on the market. This module is a complete generator control system. It features the Bernini Design Multi-processor architecture (Patent Pending). It provides a 3-phase generator programmable relay, an engine control and monitoring system, an RS485 serial interface that support the MODBUS protocol, a CANbus isolated interface that supports the SAE J1939 protocol, an embedded on-line oscilloscope, a multi channel data logger, real time time clock, 500 data events register and hundreds of adjustable settings. You can use Be124 on any generator, any size, including the 400Hz generators for aircraft ground support equipment.

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You can connect a 12 or 24V battery (2). The Be124 generator control system can survive as much as 500mS without supply during crank. We recommend to ground the battery minus (1) and to put a protection fuse on the battery (3). You can connect the dashboard by using the terminal 15/54. Also here, we recommend that you use a protection fuse of about 5 Amps. Removing the battery supply will not affect the programmed settings.



The Be124 generator control system features RS485 and CANbus serial interface. You can easily monitor your generator via INTERNET,  GSM or directly via MODBUS protocol. A free of charge application is available. You can connect a computer by using the RS485-USB converter.  You can connect any SAE J1939 compatible engine by using the fully isolated CANbus port. Be124 features a selection menu that will allow you using any engine.



The Be124 generator control system interfaces with 3-phase generator 50, 60 and 400Hz up to 600Vac. You ca use the Be124 in aircraft ground support equipment that use 400Hz generator. You can program option for single phase or 3-phase system. In addition to a fully programmable 3-phase protection relay working up to 2000kVA, the Be124 can measure the earth fault current by adding a current transformer of appropriate size.



The Be124 generator control system provides short circuit proof static outputs. Some outputs have a pre-configured function. You can program some outputs with a proper option to adapt the controller to your application. Be124 is particularly flexible when you have to buil an AUTO START panel. By adding only two relays you can build the most advanced AUTO START on the market. Be124 features an internal programmable start scheduler as well.



The Be124 generator control system feature a mixed analog-digital inputs providing maximum flexibility of use. If can bus is not available on your engine you can connect analog sensors. Allowed range is up to 1000 OHM. Digital inputs are configurable with several options. You can set up normally closed or open contacts as well. The Be124 features a pickup and 'W' inputs to read the rotational speed.  All inputs are protected from over voltages.



The Be124 generator control system interfaces with any kind of charger alternator (1) providing an exciting current if necessary. The Be124 monitors the engine running status as well. You can connect automotive relays (2)-(3) to start and stop the engine. Be124 may start the engine manually via terminal [50] connected to the starter motor (4). Be 124 can start the engine automatically via start relay (2) if you program the Auto Start function.



Generator Control System Under Speed Protection

In this picture you can observe how the Be124 protects your system in case of under speed. After the start procedure, the engine reaches its nominal speed [1]. In this example the 1800 RPM required for an industrial 60Hz power generator. The timer ‘WARM UP’ takes place when all electrical parameters (not indicated in the drawing) are within pre-set limits. Should a parameter (including the speed) exit the allowed limit, the Be124 will cancel the warm-up time. The timer will restart again when all parameters of the power generator will be again with the allowed limits. Allowed settings for warm up are from zero up to several minutes.  In case of severe failure, the engine will stop anyway and Be124 will announce the alarm 'GENERATOR FAILURE'. Assuming that all it is OK, after the warm up time, the Generator circuit breaker will automatically close [2]. Let’s assume now the presence of a mechanical trouble.

The speed decreases to much and will be lower that the preset limit. The 'Bypass Delay' timer will start to count. If the speed returns normal during the 'Bypass Delay' time, the Be124 will reset the timer and nothing abnormal will happen.  But, if after expiring the timer the Be124 will measure a speed still lower than the allowed setting, the Be124 will open the circuit breaker announcing the alarm 'UNDER SPEED' [4]. The engine is supposed to be 'hot'.  For this reason it will not be stopped immediately. 

The 'Cooling Down' time will take place to run the engine off load. This will cool down the parts. Then, the engine will be stopped.  The same principle is applied to Under Voltage, Under Frequency, Overload and Over current. In all these situations the engine will be stopped after a cooling down time. In other words, the engine will run off load in a way to cool down the alternator and other critical mechanical parts. In case of Over Voltage, Over Frequency and Over Speed, it could be dangerous to run the engine off load. For this reason, the engine will shut down immediately.