Be124 generator controller specifications


Supply Voltage: 5.5Vdc to 36Vdc, 10-150mA max.  Fuse: internal 300mA electronic. Reverse polarity: -36Vdc

Supply Voltage Surge Protection: 100Vdc /500 Amps (8/20 microseconds). Absorption capacity: 8 Joule max

Cranking Dropout:  Be124 survives 0V for a half-second (initial voltage before the dropout: 12Vdc).

Static Outputs Characteristics: positive logic with 150mA output current (Vbatt - 1Vdc), short circuit proof.

Generator Voltage: nominal voltage 70 Vac up to 600Vac (Ph-Ph) 347Vac (Ph-N). Over voltage: 4KVac Ph-Ph.

Voltage Measurement precision (V/Hz): +/- 1% F.S.. Impedance: 2 M Ohm. Resolution: 1Vac .

Generator Frequency: nominal frequency 20.0 Hz up to 600.0 Hz.  Measurement precision: +/- 1% F.S..

Measurement Circuit Impedance: 2 M Ohm. Resolution / Accuracy: 0,1Hz (20.0-600.0Hz).

Current Sensing: 5/5Aac up to 2000/5Aac. Maximum permanent current on the sensing inputs: 7Aac.

Current Measurement precision: +/- 2%. Internal resistance: 0.05 Ohm. Resolution 0,1Aac (<500/5), 1Aac (>500/5).

Digital Inputs: open circuit voltage of approximately 4,5V - Trigger level: < 2Vdc (max 5mA).

Maximum Overvoltage: +/-100V 1 s. Permanent short circuit to Bt+ and Bt- allowed for unlimited time.

Analogue Inputs: resistance range 0 up to 1000Ohm. Current at zero Ohm: 5mA. Overvoltage +/-100V. Accuracy: 2%

Charger Alternator Monitoring: operating voltage up to 36Vdc/3W. Vdc reading accuracy +/- 2%.

Magnetic Pickup Input: 0,5V-50VRMS, 10-25KHz. RPM reading accuracy +/- 1%. Teeth Count: 10.0/500.0

CAN Port: fully isolated. 250Kb/second. Internal 120 Ohm impedance available for connection. Supports SAE1939 protocol.

RS485 Port: support Modbus Protocol and drives 1000 Metres twisted cable, ESD 2KV & drives up to 127 nodes.


Dimensions: 96mm X 96mm X 87,5mm. Panel Size Cut-out: 91mm X 91mm, indoor operation

Operating Temperature Range: -25 deg. C up to +70 deg. C. Humidity Range: 5% up to 95% non-condensing.

Weight: 550 grams. General design: ECC 89/336, 89/392, 73/23, 93/68, IEC 68-2-6.  Certification: CE




The purpose of this section is to make clear the generator controller specifications meaning

Supply voltage: the voltage range of the battery to guarantee a good performance of the controller.

Beyond the specified limits the controller may not work or could suffer severe damage.

Supply over voltage: the maximum non-repetitive voltage on the supply terminal (0,1/1 sec)

Operating temperature range: /Humidity range. Climatic limits in which the controller can work normally.

Static outputs characteristics: the maxim voltage and current provided by a single output  

Logic: positive (PNP output)  or negative (NPN)

Generator Nominal Voltage Input: the voltage operational limits of the generator controller.

Damage may be expected applying voltage beyond the specified limits, for uncontrolled period of time.  

Measurement precision: the maximum error of a measurement

Current transformer input size: the minimum and maximum size of a current transformer (5Amp secondary current)

Digital inputs voltage: the maximum measured voltage when the input is 'open' 

Digital inputs current: the maximum measured current when the input is 'closed' 

Trigger level: the level of voltage that switches the logic condition H>L or L>H



Definition of 'Resolution': smallest discernible change of measurement result due to a minimum change in the input.

Definition of 'Accuracy': deviation from the actual value as fixed by universally accepted standards of frequency and time.



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