generator controller user parameters

First of all what does the ‘USER’ term mean

Bernini Design indicates as USER, or better ‘END USER’ the person that own the generator. In other words, the person that turns on the key to start the ‘machine’. The term ‘USER PARAMETERS’ defines a set of parameters that allows the ‘USER’ to run the generator according to the ON-SITE requirements. Normally these parameters should programmed by a person with background on electric installations. The purpose of this video is to help people to understand the meaning of the basic function of a generating set. In case of doubts contact us at anytime. Bernini Design BE124 provides a set of USER parameters in a way to set up the automation of the generating set. Once programmed, we recommend that you ‘seal’ the programming by inserting a password. In case you loose the password, Bernini Design is able to provide proper information in a way that you can un-lock the system. USER parameters are logically grouped  together and arranged in a MENU. The video on the right side explain all details. These are the basic instructions:

Push [ACK] and push [←]; the Main Menu appears on display. Push [ ↓ ] to browse the list and push [→] to enter the function you need or repeatedly push [ ↑ ] to proceed to the top of the Main Menu. Use [ ↑ ] or [ ↓ ] to select [USER PARAMETERS] from the Main Menu. Push [→] to enter the menu.

Generator Controller User Parameters

Service Timers

[MAINTENANCE1] [MAINTENANCE2] [MAINTENANCE3] These timers are used to schedule the maintenance of the engine (filters, oil change and so on) and should be programmed by the genset manufacturer.The ‘OFF’ setting disables the timer.

Automatic Test

You can set up the time to start / stop automatically the engine on specific days of the week. First, you are required to set up date and time of the real time clock.


[RENTAL CONTRACT]: Once Expired, the Be124 shuts down the engine.  [GCB TEST CONTROL]:The option [ON]  will transfer the load to the generator when TEST mode is active.  [RUN TIMEOUT]: Maximum time allowed to run the engine in Auto Mode of operation.  [RS485 NODE]: It allows you to select the node address on the Modbus network.


[LOW BAT START V][HIGH BAT STOP V][TIMEOUT]The AUTOSTART function will allow you to automatically charge the battery. You have program a LOW battery start (Be124 will automatically provides a 2 minutes by-pass delay) and you have to program an HIGH battery stop or TIMEOUT (or both). The engine will stop automatically according to your settings.

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