Generator controller wiring diagram

By using the Be124 EC-GSM engine control panel page you can control & monitor your diesel engine using your mobile phone. It works with standard or CANbus engines (Perkins - Deere - Volvo - Scania - Iveco - CAT- JCB). Purchase the panel or save money by purchasing the KIT of components. READ MORE

Generator Controller Wiring Diagram


The connector JC supports Analog/Digital inputs for miscellaneous functions (18): engine alarms, engine monitoring, remote controls and emergency. The configurable inputs provide you many options that will allow you to adapt the Be124 to any industrial application.

The Be124 supports any kind of chosen resistive sensors (13) in the range 0-1000 Ohm

You can connect any size of battery (11), any style of belt alternator (14). You can use the programmable  outputs to drive: Fuel Solenoid, Stop Solenoid, Horn and additional auxiliary functions.  GENERATOR CONTROLLER TERMINAL DESCRIPTION

Be124 GSM Based Engine Control Panel

The generator is connected to the input voltage sensing circuit via fuses (5). Current transformers (2) must be provided to protect the generator from overload  problems.

We recommend that you connect also a current transformer able to measure a current fault (4). The circuit breaker should be operated via ON/OFF coil [6]. In case of troubles the Be124 protection relay function will disable the circuit breaker protecting LOAD and Generator.

Removable connector JF allows you to connect all output relays with pre-configured or user programmable options.

The Be124 features a Key switch (10). It can be used to start the engine with a manual operated generator. The best recommended option is to use the JF-7 (start-output) that will allow you a safe MANUAL and AUTOMATIC operation.

In case you need a remote monitoring using a computer, the Be124 features an RS485 port that support the MODBUS-RTU protocol.

In case your engine is controlled by an ECU (SAE J1939), the Be124 provides the CANbus port. You can connect any SAE-J1939 compatible engine.

Be124 features a full configurable PICKUP input. Be124 will be able to provide rotational speed information and a proper crank termination information to the BE124.

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