Generator Key Start

Generator Key Start Be24

Be24 Generator Key Start Module is one of the strongest controllers on the market today. It features a key start that allows you to operate in extreme climatic conditions. Easy to use, it interfaces with digital sensors like oil pressure switch, high temperature switch and fuel level switch. The Be24 is a friendly Auto Start Module as well.

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Generator Key Start Be24 wiring

The connection of this controller is simple and intuitive. Despite the fact that we recommend that you use the GENERATOR CONTROLLER FULL DIAGRAM you can directly connect the key switch as indicated in this GENERATOR KEY START CIRCUIT DIAGRAM. Please note that using this configuration you will not be able to start the engine automatically.

Using the generator Key Start in Manual mode

MANUAL  mode of operation 

 The MANUAL mode requires that you start the engine manually by means of the key switch. Use the following instructions:

A) - Turn ON the KEY-switch; the Be24A illuminates the LEDs and Display (indicators self-check)

B) - If the display shows the message [uuuu], the Be24A is counting the PRE-GLOW time. In this case wait until the message disappears.

C) - When the display shows the message [StA-] (**), turn the Key-switch to START position until the engine starts. The Be24A indicates [ . . . .] during cranking. When the engine is running, release the Key-switch: the key automatically return to the ON position.

D) - To stop the engine, turn the KEY-switch to off.

(*) NOTE:  If the display indicates a blinking message, there is an alarm; consult section 4.0 of the user manual

(**)NOTE:  The Be24A shows the [StA-] message for about 20 seconds. After this time, if you fail to start the engine, the Be24A shuts down the FUEL SOLENOID. The display will turn on the message [FAIL] (that means 'Fail to start'). You will no longer able to start the engine. You are required to clear the alarm by turning the KEY-switch to OFF.