Generator monitoring and control

GSM Generator Monitoring And Control

GSM generator monitoring and control

You can monitor a diesel generator by using a mobile phone. Simply connect the generator controller [1] to a BE16 communicator gateway [2]. The Be16 is connected to a modem that will communicate with a GSM mobile phone [3]. You can get notification via SMS of the most important events or you can get measurements provided by the engine & generator instruments. You can set password to limit the access to the system. OPEN THE GSM GENERATOR MONITORING AND CONTROL TUTORIAL PAGE

TCP-IP Generator Monitoring And Control

TCP-IP generator monitoring and control

This is the most efficient solution for generator monitoring and control. You can fully control the generator from a remote location via Internet. The system uses passwords and encrypted communications to limit the access to the system. It is about a new approach: connect the generator [1] to a server [2]. The server is connected to a router [3] that opens a communication via TCP-IP. You can connect a computer to the router creating a local area network or connect a computer outside the LAN as well.  OPEN THE TCP-IP GENERATOR MONITORING AND CONTROL TUTORIAL PAGE

MODBUS Generator Monitoring And Control

MODBUS generator monitoring and control

Direct MOD-BUS communication is the most simple solution for local (up to 1000 m) generator monitoring and control. Via a MOD-BUS to USB converter [2] you can connect your diesel generator [1] to a computer [4]. You will be able to monitor and control the generator by running the appropriate application. It is obvious that once you are connected to a computer, you can expand the possibility of connection to other devices.  This is the appropriate configuration in case you have to integrate other automation devices in the MOD-BUS network. The MOD-BUS to USB converter is able to drive 1000 meter of twisted cable and 127 MOD-BUS nodes. Default node for the generator controller is '1'. But you can change the node at any time locally or by remote. OPEN THE MODBUS GENERATOR MONITORING AND CONTROL TUTORIAL PAGE