Generator remote monitoring system

Generator remote monitoring system

Generator remote monitoring system

A generator remote monitoring system will allow you to control the diesel generator from a remote location. The system uses secured software routines that guarantee access only by approved personnel. You can find on the market many solutions, but only a genuine Bernini Design application can provide encrypted communications. You can establish the level of security and level of access: administrator, monitoring or control. This page describes the basic solutions.

GSM generator remote monitoring system

[1] Power supply/Modem supply plug   [2] RS485 plug  [3] RS232 plug   [4]DIN rail mounting  [5] Transparent window  [6]  VDC supply indicator  [7] MODEM supply indicator  [8] MODBUS communication indicator   [9] MODEM communication indicator.

Generator Monitoring GSM Tutorial BE16XBEK3

Generator remote monitoring system via GSM

When you need to monitor a generator via GSM. The Be16 gateway module is suitable for the BeK3 AMF panel controller. It translates the meaning of SMS commands into MODBUS commands. In this way the AMF controller takes the action required by you.  You have to connect the Be16, via a serial cable RS485. The maximum allowed distance is about 1000 meters. The Be16 is supplied directly by the engine battery in a range of about 8VDC-33VDC. The Be16 includes voltage spikes protection providing a clean DC supply for the Modem.

Generator remote monitoring system via TCP-IP

You can monitor your standby generator by using Internet. This is the most professional way to make a  generator remote monitoring system. You can control the status of the panel and you can transfer the load to Mains or Generator and vice versa. Connect the BeK3 controller to a TCP-IP SERVER by using an RS485 twisted pair cable (max. 1000m). Connect the TCP-IP SERVER to a ROUTER by using an Ethernet cable . Run the generator remote monitoring system software on a computer connected to Internet. You will be able to control your generator practically in real-time. You can limit the access by using a password.

Generator remote monitoring system via MODBUS

The RS485 to USB converter is small and compact module that adapts the MODBUS protocol, carried on a RS485 serial interface, to a USB port. In this way, the application that runs on the computer that controls & monitors the generator is able to decode the MODBUS protocol. This module takes the necessary power from the USB port. It needs only a few milliamps, but the module is able to drive a cable as ling as 1000 meters. This module features an RS232 serial interface as well. By correctly configuring the jumper on the printed circuit board you can use this module as a RS232 to USB adapter. The jumper is in RS485 to USB by default (factory setting).