Generator remote monitoring systems

Generator remote monitoring systems are based on the BE16 GSM - SMS gateway. You can connect this module to a GSM GPRS modem. After configuring it by using your mobile phone, you can commence to uses SMS to control and monitor your power generator. The video shows how the indicators on the BE16 work.




 Among the generator remote monitoring systems available on the market, the Be16 is the most reliable solution when you need to monitor a generator via GSM. This gateway module is suitable for the Be124, Be142 and BeK3 genset controller. It translates the meaning of SMS commands into MODBUS commands. In this way the generator controller takes the action required by you.  You have to connect the Be16, via a serial cable RS485. The maximum allowed distance is about 1000 meters. The Be16 is supplied directly by the engine battery in a range of about 8 up to 33VDC. The Be16 includes voltage spikes protection providing a clean DC supply for the Modem. This page will help you to set up a monitoring system for a diesel generator via SMS (mobile Phone). You are required to use a Be124 generator controller in case you want high performances especially with aircraft ground support equipment. You can use Be142 when you want to control and monitor an emergency diesel generator for general purpose standby application. In case you deal with industrial emergency generators, we recommend that you use the Bek3 controller. Be16 features one meter long cables for RS485 & RS232, but you can make longer cables using the spare plug connectors. Before inserting the SIM card into the modem, you have to disable the PIN by using the mobile phone. Despite the fact that the basic commands are the same for BE142, BE124 and BEK3, each controller features additional specialized commands. We recommend that you download the user manual of the controller that you are going to use.

Generator remote monitoring systems based on Be124




Emergency generator remote monitoring systems based on Be142



Emergency industrial generator remote monitoring systems based on Bek3.

When it is about industrial applications, the  BeK3  is a must.