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In the generator transfer switch business there are leaders, and then there's everyone else. At Bernini Design, we take immense pride in driving the genset controller standards forward, focusing on efficiency, quality, and safety.

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 When you deal with generators, your generator transfer switch panel can be the difference between moving forward and spinning your wheels. At Bernini Design we're continually finding the best new technology.

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What is generator transfer switch panel

 A generator transfer switch panel is the ideal choice in cases where you have to control a power generator that is connected to the utility power in a standby configuration. The generator transfer switch panel is always waiting for a failure of the power utility. The generator transfer switch panel automatically manages the connection assignment of the LOAD to MAINS or GENERATOR. The generator transfer switch panel includes an automatic battery charger and a set of electronic circuit boards complete with power relays that interface with the engine Auto Start module. The generator transfer switch is conveniently tasked with driving the contactors. Despite the fact that the power configuration is the same for all panels, the dimensions and weight of a generator transfer switchpanel depends on the nominal power of the system. What is a generator transfer switch panel is easy to explain. Not easy to manufacure an STATE-OF-ART  generator transfer switch panel.