How Does ATS Work With Generator?

Firstly, the CONECT panel features a rich set of adjustable parameters for the total protection of the generator and appliances. The internal electronic battery charger is overload protected and all electronic circuits are unaffected by over-voltages. Secondly, the CONECT panel features a 3-way manual changeover that selects BYPASS-OFF-ATS modes of operation. The BYPASS mode directly connects your house to utility power. The internal automatic changeover is disconnected. Thirdly, you can use any style of engine, including gas-fuelled types. Despite the complexity of the panel, it is one of the most user-friendly ATS CONTROL PANEL on the market today.


[1]  This green light indicates the presence of voltage in your house.  [2] When a green light is continuously on, it indicates a constant presence of voltage. A 10% ON / 90% OFF rate indicates an abnormal voltage. A 90% ON / 10% OFF blinking rate indicates that utility power (or generator) is about to be connected to your house.  [3] Function selector index.  [4] This green indicator informs you about the status of the utility power.  [5] When the switch is in ATS mode, this green indicator works as described above.  [6] Fixing knob screw. [7] This green indicator, informs you about the status of the generator. [8] The red lamp indicates the status of the alarm.  [9] This table helps you decode the alarms



Use the ATS panel all the time you want to power your house during a power outage.

We recommend that you use the CONECT ATS panel mainly for portable generators. As a matter of fact, the CONECT ATS panel is highly recommended when you have a power generator that features its own ATS plug connector. This connector hosts the main wires that will allow you to start and stop the set. You can find, on the same connector, the cables of the DC battery as well. These kinds of generators have an inside autostart module that takes care of the basic protection of the engine, The CONECT  ATS panel is supplied with 5 meters of cable already fitted with the ATS connector suitable for PRAMAC, HYUNDAI, HONDA, KHOELR, and others. Finally, we supply cable made on special request according to your needs. In conclusion, you can not connect the CONECT ATS panel, and expect an automatic start, case you have a simple generator with a key start. There is no possibility to drive START and STOP solenoid. You can use it, anyway, as a portable generator by manually starting and stopping the generator.



32A 230V 50Hz