NFPA 20 controller

NFPA 20 Controller Be126


NFPA 20 Controller Front View


[12] START PILOT RELAYS.  These LED indicate the status of the start pilot relays.

[13] HOME BUTTON.  Used to display the 'System Status Page' (or in other words, the Home Page).

[14] LAMP TEST & ALARM SILENCE (UNI 12845). To check all lamps and reset the alarm if allowed by the settings.

[15]-[16] BATTERY 2 INSTRUMENT: Amper meter of Battery SET2.

[17]-[18] BATTERY 1 INSTRUMENT: Amper meter of Battery SET1.



Front fascia description:

[1] ALARMS PANEL. It displays active alarms of the
system: engine, battery chargers, fuel & ECU warnings as well.

[2] GRAPHIC DISPLAY. It allows you to make miscellaneous
functions like programming, browsing engine instruments, log
event analysis, pressure data logger and so on.

[3] NAVIGATION PUSH BUTTONS. The buttons allow an easy navigation through the various pages of the display.

[4] MENU PUSH BUTTON. It allows you to access directly the system menus.

[5] AUTO PUSH BUTTON. It selects the AUTO mode of operation.

[6] TEST PUSH BUTTON. It selects the TEST mode of operation.

[7] OFF PUSH BUTTON. It selects the OFF mode of operation.

[8] MAN PUSH BUTTON. It selects the MANUAL mode of operation.

[9] PRESSURE INDICATOR. It blinks to indicate a drop of water pressure.

[10] START PUSH BUTTONS. Used to start manually the engine.

[11] ENGINE RUNNING LED. It turns on when engine is running.


NFPA 20 controller modes of operation

NFPA 20 Controller Mode Of Operation

[AUTO MODE]  Push the [AUTO] mode push button. To test the system push the [PUMP TEST] button. The Be126 will automatically open the drain valve. The LOW PRESSURE SWITCH will trigger the start of the engine and will turn on the YELLOW LOW PRESSURE LED INDICATOR. Follow the menu driven instructions on the display in a way to carry out the full test according to NFPA 20 (or UNI EN 12845) requirements. After completing the test the BE126 will enter the AUTO mode of operation automatically. In case of problem the display will provide you all information.

Mode of operation description:

[MANUAL MODE] Push the [MAN] until the external lamp 'NOT IN AUTO' turns on. In order to test the integrity of the batteries, program the option 'FUEL DISABLED'. Push and hold the [START 1] button for at least 30 seconds and watch the stability of the battery voltage. If the Be126 will detect a faulty battery, the display will provide full information. Do the same with the battery 2 ([START2]). You can enable the fuel and start manually the engine using start 1 or 2. When the engine is running, the green LED will turn on. You can browse the engine instruments by using the navigation push buttons.

Note: in case of fire, put immediately the system in AUTO MODE. The BE126 will take care of the situation fully automatically.


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