Precautions using genset controllers



The purpose of this web page is to help you in optimizing the use of our products, generator controllers, electric panels, accessories and automatic battery chargers. You can directly find the information you need on PDF form. We vividly recommend that you follow the indications and application wiring diagrams included in the OEM manual of the product that you are going to use. You can download the OEM manual using the links closer to the product description in each web page of this web site.

Important notes:

a) The improper wiring of a controller could damage your Engine, Generating Set, Panel or equipment fitted with a Bernini Design controller (genset controller, genset control system, generator control unit or genset control module).
b) The improper wiring or improper arrangement of our controller could also be dangerous for people working with the equipment that you are going to build (generator, power generator, or similar equipment driven by an engine).
c) Bernini Design is not responsible for installation or operation of any generator set, diesel generator set, generator panel, or equivalent equipment fitted with a Bernini Design controller.
d) If there is any doubt about on the use of a generator set (or equipment) controlled by a Bernini Design controller, you must contact the company responsible for the installation or the manufacturer of the machine (power generator, compressor, pump set and so on).

About safety issues please note:

A) Installing a Bernini Design Controller implies work with dangerous currents and voltages. You are required to install fuses or equivalent devices to limit the amount of the current especially when you connect or wire batteries.

B) The installation must be carried out by qualified personnel only (qualified electrical technician).

C) Disconnect all Electrical Power sources (Mains, Battery and others) and make sure the engine (or equipment) is inoperative before commencing the installation.

D) Any modification to a Bernini Design controller or any use beyond the specifications provided by Bernini Design, may cause personal injury, damages to equipment or injury to living beings.

E) Ensure that Mains Power (or public network supply) is isolated. Connect the equipment only after observing the correct rated voltage & current.

F) All the time consider the risk of explosive gases working closer of LEAD ACID BATTERIES.


Bernini Design SRL Genset Controller Manufactures declare that the Bernini Design products are not authorized for use as critical components in life support systems (*)

(*) Life support systems are intended for sustain life, and whose failure to perform, can be reasonably expected to result in a significant injury or death of the user or living beings.