Remote Generator Monitoring

Remote Generator Monitoring

Remote Generator Monitoring

Bernini Design provides a remote generator  monitoring equipment, hardware and software, to manage a Diesel Generator placed in a Base Transceiver Station (BTS). It is about a shelter or a building that includes fundamental equipment that allows wireless communication between user equipment and a network. User equipment are devices like mobile phones, tablets, radio equipment, computers and so on. This includes the wireless Internet connectivity.

A Base Transceiver Station  is frequently indicated with the acronym ‘BTS’ and it is generally applicable to any of the wireless communication standards like GSM and CDMA. The BTS is part of the base station subsystem (BSS) for system management. Basic equipment includes encrypting and decryption systems, antennas, amplifiers, batteries, air conditioner and various power supplies. It is clear that the diesel generator plays an important role in case of power outage. This is crucial especially in case of prolonged power outages: hours or, why not, days. Generator monitoring refers to the monitoring of a generator for power, security, and environmental issues that might affect the service of the emergency power system. Bernini Design provides generator monitoring equipment located within the BTS.

 The purpose of Bernini Design's Remote Generator Monitoring Equipment is to reduce the operating costs for maintenance. Be2Kplus controller for example is a sophisticated 3-phase power monitor that provides a wide range of data regarding the status and quality of AC power. As a matter of fact, when an outage does occur, service personnel can be dispatched to the BTS site with valuable information regarding what problems they may encounter.

Remote Generator Monitoring GSM

Remote Generator Monitoring Equipment

 The  remote generator monitoring equipment can monitor the parameter of the Mains power to the site, rectifiers&batteries, air conditioner, and other hybrid power types of energy sources. Bernini Design offers a variety of remote generator monitoring equipment to manage power at your remote diesel generator via GSM, TCP-IP or MODBUS. The picture on the left shows how to connect the Be124 remote generator monitoring equipment to MODbus via the RS485 serial interface.


Remote Generator Monitoring GSM & MODbus

 Diesel Fuel remote generator monitoring

Diesel fuel monitoring is an important issue for mobile operators.  BTS locations are sometimes located in remote places and a fast responding remote equipment together with diesel fuel sensing devices can prevent theft and will allow a better scheduler of refuel visits. This will prevent shutdown of a remote site due to running out of fuel as well.

AC Power remote generator monitoring

The Be2KP controller for example can interface with many generators, either through a communication protocol, or via contacts or relays. The Be2K Plus can be controlled from the Operation Center to perform the start or stop of a generator, or groups of generators. The ability to start or stop generators on-demand from the Operation Center reduces site visits and you can schedule the maintenance of the engine.