What is an automatic transfer switch how does it work

An automatic transfer switch, or ATS if you will, is installed along with an emergency power generator. The power generator is committed to provide electrical power when power utility, or mains if you will, fails. The automatic transfer switch equipment includes a changeover switch made of two contactrs, an automatic mains failure controller , terminal blocks, power relays and miscellaneous electrical components like fuses, battery charger and electronic interface boards. The automatic transfer switch connects the load between two sources: the power generator and power utility. It does not allow a connection of the generator to mains. When switching the Generator to Power Utility or vice-versa, you may observe a short ‘black-out’. Normally it is about 2 seconds. We can say that the typical behaviour of the automatic transfer switch is BREAK-BEFORE-MAKE. This sort of changeover switch is made by using..... MORE



Automatic transfer switch operation

An automatic transfer switch panel will make all operations automatically when the controller is placed in AUTO mode of operation. But, you can place the controller in MANUAL mode. In this way you can make all operation manually via push buttons. Additional equipment allows you remote control & monitoring. The automatic transfer switch can interface ....MORE


what is an automatic transfer switch how does it work
internal parts of an automatic transfer switch

The components of an automatic transfer switch

This is the internal view of an Automatic Transfer Switch. You can clearly see the main parts.

- [1] An automatic battery charger  - [2] Protection fuses  - [3] Current transformers  - [4] & [5] Contactors  - [6] Generator circuit breaker.  - [7] Power utility, generator & load terminal blocks. These terminal block allow you to connect power utility, power generator and LOAD  - [9] Generator front panel door fitted with an ATS controller. This is the rear view of the ATS controller that includes all connections  - [10] Emergency switch. This will allow to shut down the entire system immediately.


Automatic Transfer Switch Controller Mode Of Operation

An automatic transfer switch equipped with a Be28 ATS controller is a true User-Friendly equipment. To enter a mode of operation simply push the correct button. An immediate feedback via an ultra bright luminous indicator provides you immediate feedback. The system responds quickly providing coded messages on the display when necessary. Manual Mode provided by the Be28 is extraordinary simple. Despite the fact that in manual mode you can control the system, the Be28 monitors in background all operations providing alarms or shutdowns when necessary. In case of doubts you can browse the event memory register to understand the sequence of the operations.