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 We focus our attention on generator control panels suitable for standby generators.

Navigating through the internet you will find some 'Frequently Ask Questions' about a generator control panel (FAQ). The basic keywords are something like these: What is AMF panel...What size generator to power a house. How much power does a house use. How to connect a portable generator to a house. Connecting Generator to home power. How to use generator to power house. What is a generator control panel...I try to clarify some of the common questions about generators.  First of all: what an AMF Panel is. An AMF control panel (Automatic Mains Failure control panel) is the ideal choice in cases where you have to control a generator that is connected to the Mains in a .........READ MORE

Learn how to make Automatic Mains Failure panels and Automatic Transfer Switch panels. The book describes in simple words and drawingS the basic principles to make generator control panels. The guide includes step-by-step examples in a way that you will be able to make panels in the size 15 up to 200kVA. Once you purchase the book, you will receive free updates and additional information to keep you update on the STATE-OF-ART products.





In this example a rear view of the most simple single phase AMF controller: the BE21. [4] door lock [5] Emergency switch. CUT-OUT about 190x93 (mm). Also required, for this controller, four M4 holes to hold the controller in place.


You install the Be242 controller on the frontal door without cutting out the rectangular hole to insert the controller. The Be242 contains all printed circuit boards and connections for the entire AMF panel. A traditional AMF controller may require 50 meters of cables and up to 100 connections. The Be242 is a multiprocessor system. A micro controller manages the inputs, another one make the measurements, another controle the outputs. The system intelligently shares a cloud of common software resources. You do no longer need to connect an alarm switch to the panel and then to the controller! You connect the alarm to the panel. That's it! The point of connection, being intelligent, communicates directly wireless with the AMF controller.

SAVE AT LEAST 30 METERS OF CABLE FOR EACH AMF PANEL The controller reads  all electrical parameters (V-A-KW-KVA-KVAR-PF-KWH) via wireless sensors in the panel or generator. 

FRONTAL DOOR MOUNT  WITHOUT "SQUARE CUT-OUT"   Make a 22mm round hole for the IP65 supply connector and a 2x4mm holes to securely fix the controller to the door. Not having a cut-out, the door makes an extraordinaly job in EMC filtering.

SAVE 2 HOURS LABOR WORK, ASSEMBLE A PANEL IN 30 MINUTES You are no longer required to connect hundreds of terminal blocks and wires. The user will connect the generator & engine directly to the plug-&-play I/O modules.

 IP65 INGRESS PROTECTION & -30° / +70°C OPERATING RANGE A silicon gasket uv-resistant guarantees an IP65 ingress protection. The BE242 controller can operate in harsh environments.

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