Generator remote monitoring




Generator remote monitoring

Bernini Design provides generator remote monitoring equipment to manage Power Generators placed in Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) or generally speaking in remote locations. A BTS is sort of shelter that includes fundamental equipment for wireless communications. It is about devices like mobile phones, tablets, radio equipment, computers and wireless systems connected to Internet. The diesel generator plays an important role in case of prolonged power outage. Generator remote monitoring allows an accurate analysis of the diesel generator to prevent issues that might affect the service of the emergency power system.

 The Bernini Design's Generator Remote Monitoring Equipment drastically reduces the operating costs and maintenance. The Be2KP controller, for example, is a sophisticated 3-phase power monitor that provides a wide range of data about the status and quality of AC power and ancillary equipment. When an outage does occur, service personnel can be dispatched to the power generator site with important information regarding what problems they may encounter.

The generator remote monitoring equipment plays an important role in reducing communication network outages caused by generator troubles: you can modify the setting of the engine or generator in order to avoid severe damage to the system.








Generator remote monitoring options

 The  generator remote monitoring equipment monitors the parameters of the power utility to the site, rectifiers & batteries, air conditioner, and other hybrid power types of energy sources. Bernini Design offers a variety of  generator remote monitoring equipment.

Diesel fuel monitoring is an important issue especially for mobile operators in area subjected to prolonged power outages. The generators are often located in remote places. A fast responding remote equipment together with a good diesel fuel sensing devices can prevent theft and will allow you a better scheduler of refuel visits. This will prevent shutdown of a remote site due to running out of fuel. The Be142, Be124, Be2KP and BeK3 generator controllers feature an automatic 'FUEL CHANGE' notification. 

The basic available options are GSM Monitoring, TCP-IP Monitoring  or MODBUS Monitoring.

The GSM monitoring is provided by terminating an RS485 serial network with the BE16 universal GSM-SMS transceiver. The RS485 carries the MODBUS information about the diesel generator. This must be provided, for example, by a high-tech generator controller like Be124 or Be2KP. The transceiver detects the MODBUS communication packets and translates important alarms into SMS format. Other information are sent via GSM directly. 

In similar way, instead of the Be16 transceiver, you can implement a local TCP-IP server. You need a public IP address and the connection of at least one router. The Bernini Design TCP-IP server will 'transform' your diesel generator into a virtual 'WEB SITE'.

Once you establish the connection, you will see your generator as a web page. You can control and monitor your generator using internet. The Bernini Design TCP-IP server support any HTML browser. All communications are encrypted to ensure security of the communications.

The simplest way to monitor the generator is to use the Bernini Design MODBUS-USB converter. You can connect a computer as far as 1000 meters away by using a shielded twisted pair cable. Bernini Design offers a FREE OF CHARGE SOFTWARE. But, by using the MODBUS register instructions manual you can build your own software. All generator remote monitoring systems made by Bernini Design support the MODBUS-RTU protocol.


If you need more technical information about the communication principles you can open these themed Wikipedia links: TRANSMISSION CONTROL PROTOCOL,   MODBUS PROTOCOL    and    GSM COMMUNICATIONS.


Examples of generator remote monitoring via TCP-IP and via SMS

This is an example of generator remote monitoring via TCP-IP using the Be124 generator controller.

This is an example of generator remote monitoring via SMS using the Be142 generator controller.

This is an example of generator remote monitoring via SMS using the BeK3 AMF ATS controller.