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The generator controllers integrate, in theirs modules, engine control & protection units, a charging alternator monitoring module and programmable protective relay for the protection & monitoring of the alternator. The generator controllers monitor the main parameters of the engine  and the main parameters of the  alternator. They compare the settings in the memory with the measurements made by the electronic circuits. The result of the comparisons will then generate alarms, warnings or why not,  logic actions. The Bernini Design generator controllers feature a range of programmable settings and are engineered to comply with international standards like NFPA110 or  CSA99 . The Bernini Design generator controllers are capable of interfacing with analogue sensors or switches for the OIL/°C/FUEL/Auxiliary Temperature monitoring. These generator controllers operate reliably in a range of environments, from minus 30 up to 70 degree Celsius and, in some cases from minus 40°C up to + 85°C.


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Expanding Generator Controllers Features


Using the Bernini Design generator controllers you can expand the visibility of you power system performance to your customers – whether in the facility or off-site – through a on-site server (via the intranet or Internet), via GSM or via RS485 cable. Bernini Design remote monitoring equipment provides a cost effective and efficient means of remotely monitoring and controlling generator sets, automatic transfer panels and miscellaneous devices. You can access the remote monitoring equipment from any computer or mobile phone.

About Bernini Design Generator Controllers


You may wish to know, - what are generator controllers and what do they do? Taken as a units, they encompasses intelligent electronic controllers, of any form, that integrate 3-Phase Generator Control Modules,  Circuit Breaker drivers, Alternator Monitoring  & Engine Control Modules. The Bernini Design generator controllers provide clear visual indication by means of LEDs and Displays for all supervised parameters and alarms. The Bernini Design generator controllers feature programmable settings and are engineered to comply with international standards recommendations. Some of our generator controllers feature RS485 and CANBUS in order to communicate with engines equipped with ECUs (Electronic Control Unit according to the SAE-1939 standard). Complex generator controllers like BeK3, Be2K-Plus may include all modules indicated above . Simple generator controllers like Be142, Be1,Be24 may include some of them or simply only one of them (Be72). This affects the total size and weight of the generator controllers. In some situations LCD displays (Liquid Crystal Display) are not recommended at the extremes of -30/+70 deg. C, for this reason BERNINI DESIGN manufactures generator controllers with solid-state 7-segments LED displays. As a matter of fact it is quite difficult to obtain good readings below 15 degrees Celsius on an LCD Display. The majority of the applications for generator controllers find a convenient mounting place directly on the frame of a Diesel generator. In this case the generator controllers must be both rugged and vibration proof. In some case the generator controllers are connected with a separation as much as several hundreds meters from the generator itself. This is not an issue of concern since that all Bernini Design generator controllers feature a rugged RS485 serial interface, allowing you to drive a twisted cable length as distant as 1000 metres.




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