Generator Auto Start Controller

Generator Auto Start Controller Tutorial

If you want to learn about the generator auto start controller this is the page to start with. The Be124 is the state of art Auto Start. Go to this PRESENTATION PAGE that reminds you the general features of the Be124. If you are not familiar with generator controller, you can start from the scratch right here:


The Be124 Generator Auto Start Controller and your Generator

After understanding the basic principle of a generator controller there you are how it looks like a typical Auto Start wiring diagram with all necessary hardware. In this diagram all input/output lines are used Be124. Normally only 40% up to 60% of the Be124 hardware features are used in normal application. You can observe better the details by opening this DETAILED WIRING DIAGRAM PAGE. If your business is the remote monitoring we remind you that that we offer three solutions:

MODBUS connection      GSM Monitoring      TCP-IP(Internet-Ethernet

Be124 Generator Auto Start Controller

Pure Automation: the core of the Be124 generator controller; learn how to set-up the controller and to obtain the best from your automatic generator.

Using the advanced functions: Oscilloscope, Data Logger e Data Transient Recorder

On Site troubleshooting. A powerful tool to test 100% the controller on site without additional instrumentation.

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