Be46 genset controller

Be46 Genset Controller

The Be46 geneset controller includes all functions needed to control and monitor a diesel generator. Its programming runs quickly and all parameters and operating information are indicated by means of messages and symbols. The Be46 interfaces with an Oil  / Temperature / Fuel sensor, and a magnetic pick-up. It provides 'AUTO','MAN', and 'OFF' modes of operation. Measurements include Vac, Aac, Vdc, kVA, kVar, kW, Pf, Hz, Vdc, hour count, R.p.m., Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature and Fuel Level. The module is enclosed in a polycarbonate plastic box DIN 96. The Be46 is the recommended replacement for BE23   BE46 Versus BE23


  • temperature range -30°/+70° C
  • 6 outputs, 6 switch inputs, 7 analog inputs
  • 7Vdc up to 36Vdc supply,  IP55 grade of protection
  • 13 LEDs, 8 push-buttons, 4 digit display
  • Manual and Automatic operating modes
  • 3-Phase voltage up to 500Vac
  • 44 Programmable parameters, 32 messages



1.0 'MANUAL' mode of operation

- Push [START-ON] push button for at least 2 secs: the 'LAMP TEST' will take place. After the test, the [AUTO-MAN] green LED will not illuminate indicating the ‘MANUAL’ operating mode. The display menu will be automatically placed in 'Engine' mode, and displays 4 dashes to indicate a stand-by condition. Now you can choose :

- to put the Be23 in 'OFF' mode by means of the [STOP-OFF] push button

- to put the Be23 in 'AUTO' mode by pushing [AUTO-MAN] push button

- to START and STOP the set by using [START-ON] and [STOP-OFF] push buttons

- to browse the 5 menus of the display

2.0 Manual START (supposing the Be23 is already in 'MANUAL' operating mode)

-Push the [START] push button until an engine start has been obtained. To enable this cycle, the alarm memory must be empty. The alarms are indicated by means of red LEDs. In order to clear the alarms, press the [STOP-OFF] push button. If a 'STOP cycle' is engaged, wait for the end of the ‘STOP’ timing, or push the [STOP-OFF] pushbutton again in order to reset the Stop cycle.

The message ‘[Sta]’ is displayed in the 'Engine' menu during the Crank cycle. The Be23 automatically detects the moment to disconnect the 'STARTER' . The yellow LED ‘Engine’ flashes if one source of ‘Engine running’ signal is true. Further action on the [START-ON] push button will be ignored. If the 'PREHEAT' function is programmed, the ‘[HEAt]’ message appears on the display during the PREHEAT cycle. The fuel solenoid is automatically disabled if the engine does not start properly within 20 seconds (e.g. the user has pushed the [START] pushbutton too quickly). In 'MANUAL' operating mode all alarms are monitored except 'UNDER FREQUENCY' and 'UNDER VOLTAGE'.

3.0 Manual Stop (supposing the Be23 is already in 'MANUAL' operating mode)

- Push the [STOP-OFF] push button until the message ‘[StOP]’ appears on the ‘Engine’ menu display. The FUEL SOLENOID (output #25) is disabled, and, at the same time, the 'STOP SOLENOID' (output #31) energizes for the programmed time. After the end of the 'STOP' cycle, pushing the [STOP-OFF] pushbutton will turn the Be23 to 'OFF' operating mode. The ‘OFF’ mode is a low power condition indicated by means of a decimal point on the right side of the display.

4.0 Load Control

-In Manual-mode the electrical load is normally transferred to the Mains independently of the status of the Mains. If the contactors are not used (e.g. not 'stand by' wiring) the user can connect the electrical Load to the Generator by means of a manually controlled circuit breaker. In this case, the 'UNDER FREQUENCY' and 'UNDER VOLTAGE' protections are not operative (enabled only in 'AUTO'). For this reason,it is better to use the ‘AUTO’ operating mode. In this way, an external contactor protects the Load and the Generating-set in all conditions (output #28).

5.0 ‘OFF’ Mode

-This mode is indicated by means of a decimal point on the right side of the display. This mode is alw