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User Friendly Combined Generator Auto Start & Key Start

Be24 Wiring Diagram      Be24 User Manual

Ideal for generator working in harsh environments -30°C up to +70°C. For a gasoline engine we recommend that you use the  Be1 Generator Controller.

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Be24 Generator Auto Start

 The Be24A includes in a standard DIN 96mmx96mm module, all programmable functions needed to control an engine and generator. The Be24 features 6 membrane-type push buttons, 2 LEDs, a 4 digit display, 5 static outputs, 9 inputs, and a 3-position (30A rated) Key-switch for manual start. By adding 3 automotive type relays you can make a reliable but cost-effective generator auto start.

BE24 Programming Manual V2XX       BE24 User Manual

Should you need more performance you can choose the Be124 generator auto start. It includes incomparable functions not existing in a generator auto start module from other manufacturers. We mention: the full 3-phase monitoring, Data-logger, multi processor technology.      BE124 

Be24 Auto Start Specifications

 >Supply Voltage: 5.5Vdc - 36Vdc    /  >Supply Current: 10-150mA max
 >Cranking Dropout:  0V for 500mS  / >Dimensions: 96X96X60mm

 >Panel Size Cut-out: 91X91mm  /  >Temperature: -30 /+70 deg. C
 >Weight: 550 grams. CE  /  >Pickup : 0,5-50V / 0- 25KHz

 >Generator Voltage: 70 - 600Vac /  >Frequency: 20 Hz up to 99 Hz

>Overvoltage Input Protection  /  >Current: 5/5Aac up to 2000/5Aac

>Charger Alternator Input: 60Vdc  /  >Short Circuit Proof Outputs


Be24 Generator Auto Start Connections

If you are more confident in using the key, there you are the connection. We respect your opinion! Be24 provides the '50' terminal to drive directly the starter motor pilot relay.

Be24 can measure the rotational speed from the frequency of the alternator. But adding a pick up or using the 'W' of a belt driven alternator, you will get more security.

Be24 monitors voltages up to 600VAC and current up to  2000A. You are required to use a /5A CT and to provide a fuse to protect the cables. You can set  Over/Under V/Hz and Overcurrent as well.

Be24 features positive logic outputs short circuit proof. You are required to put diodes in parallel to the relay coils. This will avoid electric noise. Do not exceed 200mA on each output or coil resistance below 90 OHM.

Be24 interfaces with digital inputs. Some inputs have N.C. (Normally Closed) and N.O. (Normally Open) options to adapt the controller to your application. Inputs are very well protected against over voltages and spikes.

Be24 features adjustable settings. To protect your controller from un-authorized access we recommend that you remove the connection of the program enable terminal after programming.

This generator auto start has a special circuit that provides excitement to the belt alternator (about 3W) and in the same time provides a proper crank termination for the electric start motor. Do not leave this terminal un-connected.

You can start the engine from a remote location by using a simple switch. In this generator auto start you can program the option N.C.or N.O.. It is mandatory to connect one side of the switch to battery minus. Avoid to connect the terminal to a remote 'ground' point.


Selection of  a MODE of operation

 The Be24A has an AUTO , MANUAL  and OFF mode selection. When the power supply is switched on, the Be24A reacts as follows:

a) if the KEY-SWITCH is in the OFF position, the Be24A enters the OFF

b) if the KEY-SWITCH is in the ON position, the Be24A enters the AUTO mode. That is, if the Be24A was in AUTO prior to the supply removal. If not, the Be24A enters the MANUAL mode.

 OFF mode of operation

The OFF mode clears the alarms and turns the Display off. To select the OFF mode, turn the KEY-switch to off. In the OFF mode you can read the settings or program the controller (see sections 6.0 and 11.0).

 AUTO mode of operation

The Be24A operates according to the parameters indicated in section 11.0 of the OEM user manual. The Be24A initiates the starting of the engine if the ‘REMOTE START' input energizes  or if parameters [P.26]-[P.27] have been programmed (SCHEDULER).

To enter 'AUTO'  mode, use the following instructions:

A) - turn ON the KEY-switch; the Be24A illuminates the Display and LEDs for 1 second (* Note)

B) - push the AUTO push button, then the Be24A will indicate [uuuu] (Pre-glow cycle) or [StA-]; the yellow Led ‘AUTO’ also illuminates. If the REMOTE START input is not activated, the yellow LED blinks. If activated, the yellow LED illuminates continuously and a start cycle will take place after an adjustable delay period ([P.0], see also section 9.0 of the OEM manual).

C) - To exit the AUTO mode, push the AUTO push button (the yellow Led turns OFF) or turn the KEY-switch to OFF.

(*) NOTE:  If the display indicates a blinking message, there is an alarm; consult section 4.0 of the OEM manual

If Automatic Periodic Test is triggered, the display indicates the message [tESt] (see application note in section 19.0 of the OEM manual).

The Be24A stores the AUTO operating mode in the memory; if the battery supply then fails and restores, the Be24A will enter the AUTO mode automatically. To clear the memory of the AUTO mode, push the AUTO push button, or turn OFF the KEY-switch.

MANUAL  mode of operation 

 MANUAL mode gives an Engine start by means of the KEY SWITCH. Use the following instructions:

A) - Turn ON the KEY-switch; the Be24A illuminates the LEDs and Display.

B) - If the display shows the message [uuuu], the Be24A is counting the PRE-GLOW time ([P.13]/[P.14]); wait until the message disappears.

C) - When the display shows the message [StA-] turn the Key to START position until the engine starts. The Be24A indicates [ . . . .] during cranking.

D) - To stop the engine, turn the KEY-switch to off.

(*) NOTE:  If the display indicates a blinking message, there is an alarm; consult section 4.0 of the OEM manual

(**)NOTE:  The Be24A shows the [StA-] message for 20 seconds. After this time, if the engine does not start, the Be24A shuts down the FUEL SOLENOID and displays the message [FAIL] (Fail to start, see section 4.07 of the OEM Manual).To clear the alarm, turn the KEY-switch to OFF.


Setting Up:

To trigger the Periodic Test, you are required to program the parameters  [P.26] and [P.27] (section 11.0 of the OEM manual). In order to have the engine start at the desired moment, please follow these instructions:

- disconnect the power supply of the Be24A

- wait for the desired start time (external clock reference) and apply the power supply to the Be24A.

- select the 'AUTO' mode of operation

The Be24A will start the engine after the programmed number of days (P.26). The engine will run for the programmed time (P.27). If the battery voltage is removed, we recommend that you synchronize the ‘Power On’ of the Be24A with an external clock.

Time remaining to start indication:

The Be24A shows the remaining time to trigger the test: push the [ENTER] pushbutton while Be24A is in AUTO operating mode. The display will indicate days followed by hours ([DD.hh]).


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