Be72 Engine Protection Module

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Engine Protection Module Panel


The Be72 provides Manual start for engine-driven applications. Automatic fault protections include: Engine low oil pressure, High Temperature, Emergency and Belt break. The Be72 provides the following outputs: Start, Stop, Preheat, Alarm and Fuel solenoid. Be72 features a power switch (30A current) to energize the starter. All functions are indicated by means of 7 LED  indicators. 

Diesel Engine Protection Module User Manual

Diesel Engine Protection Module Connection


- 30A dc Key-switch for Manual start
- Short circuit proof solid state outputs
- Din size 72, 40mm depth, shock-proof
- full 3-year warranty, cost effective
- Operating voltage range 5,5 to 36Vdc

-Electrical connection is via a 1/4 inch blade terminal.

Relays and solenoids connected to the Be72 must be suppressed using flywheel diodes or suppression devices as indicated in the wiring diagram 

Engine Protection Module Energized To Stop Soleneoid
Engine Protection Module Preglow

A) - Turn the [KEY-switch] clockwise to [PREHEAT] position until all LEDs illuminate.

B) - Wait until the only [OIL PRESSURE] and [CHARGER FAILURE] LEDs remain illuminated. If the [PREHEAT] timer is set, the yellow LED [PREHEAT] will illuminate according to the setting of the potentiometer (adjustable on the back from 10 up to 60 seconds).

C) - As soon as the green [ENGINE RUNNING] LED starts blinking, turn the key switch clockwise up to the spring-loaded momentary position. Hold this position until the engine starts. The [ENGINE RUNNING] LED will blink for a period of about 15 seconds. If the engine does not start within this period, the [STARTING FAILURE ALARM] will take place.

D) - To stop the engine, turn the key switch fully counter clockwise (Off position).

In order to stop the engine, we recommend that you use a FUEL SOLENOID energized to run connected to the output #9 via a pilot (driver) relay. If you use a STOP SOLENOID, energized to stop, turn the potentiometer on the back fully clockwise and connect the STOP SOLENOID to output #8 via a pilot (driver) relay as indicated in the wiring diagram. The BE72 will provide a 60-second stop cycle for output #8. When you use the output #8 to drive a STOP SOLENOID, the ALARM function output will not be longer available.

Engine Protection Module ISO9001


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